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Santiago Morero did rascal

had threatened the possibility of a succession of small sections dedicated to quartet Via Bonnet, and I'm here to tell another story of the charming small apartment near Porta Garibaldi. It is a tale of terror, a history of parastatal phenomena (to quote the Gialappa's). It 's the story of Santiago Morera, the Chievo Verona defender of rogue.
you already scared? No? Evil!
Wednesday morning, we wake up more or less all at the same time, perhaps for the first time since we live together. While still a little drowsy and mentally prepare packaged coffee, Garo joined me in the kitchen and said: "But listen, you both wanted to see me, but you've heard this morning 7e30 to play?".
I look at him puzzled and replied: "Did you dreamed, has not played anyone." It also raises
Maina and Garo calls to him, but Maina confirmation stating that my version did not hear anything. We believe that history is closed, but when he gets up there Thurs last, with an eye the other half open and completely closed, he blurts out: "Who bio park is that he played tonight, with 5e20??" (Elio censorship intervened to ensure a clean read all of them).
exchange glances and perplexity in spades. Maina and I believe that the other two have fine at night without our knowledge, Thu and Garo sure that the pair in the double and psicolfarmaci abused tranquilizers the night before.
And here the story pauses.
When I come home from work, the Play button is pressed again and Gio reveals the mystery to me and Garo (while he returned to Maine in Cremona): "Today when I came back at noon I caught the elevator that man a big man '. Young man, 'he says, 'She lives on the first floor?'. 'No, no, we live on the upper floors, the fifth,' I say to him. 'Last night you made a little noise?' I asked him. And then I plugged in and I asked him if he had played, and it turned out that I was the player who has played for Chievo Verona condo half saying that there was a party to which he had to go and battered balls to all.. "My jaw and those of the SGA fall to the floor." Now I search on the internet, because if I see it written as I remember, "said Thurs
Eventually, after searching on the official site of ' AC Chievo Verona, it turns out that the psychopath who would play that would dawn Santiago Morera, 82 class central defender.
Now, the questions are many, but perhaps the most important is: why would anyone pretend to Santiago Morera, who does not know shit about anyone? Why not shoot a biggest name? Citing Garo: "This one has a page with 100 fans on facebook. The page 'Those who would like to get rid of your fingers Gouge' has more fucking."
I am led to believe that he really was Santiago Morera, panchinaro of Chievo defender. But then the question becomes: Why do you have to play one thousand telephones sfigatissimo of a building in Milan to look for a party? Above all, you are normal? : D
Ah, the title? The title is a homage to the commentators RAI.


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